Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of questions that may assist you.  If you have a question not listed here regarding STACK-CUP™ at your next event, please reach out to us here.

Why is STACK-CUP™ better than other Reusable Cups?

STACK-CUP™ has a specially designed and globally patented handle, which means you can carry more drinks in one hand. It's safer to use than a standard cup, no need for trays and is more sustainable.

Is this product fully recyclable?

Yes! STACK-CUP™ is 100% recyclable. STACK-CUP™ has a zero waste to landfill policy.

What material is STACK-CUP™ made from?

STACK-CUP™ are made of Polypropylene (PP).

Do I need a tray or carrier?

No. STACK-CUP™ have a globally patented and very clever stackable handle, allowing the user to carry multiple drinks stacked in one hand.

My drinks company claims that reusable cups affect the pouring/quality of delivery. Is this the case?

No. Drinks companies use reusable cups in other territories and market sectors without issue. Therefore it is not a quality issue.

How many drinks can you carry at one time?

We recommend a maximum of four per hand, however the record is much higher!

What is a reusable cup scheme?

A reusable cup scheme is reusing or rewashing the same cup many times over in favour of using single use plastic drinking cups. STACK-CUP™ has been wash tested up to a thousand times and has not compromised the integrity of the cup or the labelling. STACK-CUP™ is ideal for both hot and cold liquids. Did you know that it is estimated that Australians use more than 3 billion coffee cups per year. Disposable coffee cups are not recyclable due to the plastic film on the inside of the cup used for water proofing. These cups will end up as landfill and will take approximately 50 years to degrade.

Will you help me to manage a resuable cup scheme?

Absolutely! We're here for you if you need us and can be as involved with process as much as you need us to be. End to end service if required.

What is a deposit scheme?

A deposit scheme is placing a refundable deposit on the cup. This is generally on the first cup only. Each time the patron returns the cup, they are typically given a fresh, clean cup for each drink after that. At the end of the event, the patron has the option to return the cup to receive a full or partial refund. Aussies are already acustomed to receiving a 10c refund deposit on cans, bottles and other items by taking them to the recycling depot, in fact South Aussies have been doing this since the introduction of the container deposit scheme (CDS) since 1975! The concept here is much the same.

Do I have to run a deposit scheme?

It's not always necessary to run a deposit scheme, however research has shown that by adding a value to a cup (a deposit amount), it is more likely to be returned for a refund or taken home, rather than being left behind at the venue or event to be cleaned up.

Do you supply everything that comes with a reusable cup scheme?

Yes we can. There are various items that will make for a better scheme such as dirty cup crates, static bar collectors that become part of our service. There are also additional options you can choose such as point of sale material and unique cup designs (event specific).

Will you help us logistically before implementing a scheme?

Of course. It is most important to us to share our experience to support your preparations. We will carry out a full feasibility study on your Stadium bars and Storeage Units with your F&B Manager. We will provide you with a detailed report that provides you with recommendations for each bar.

How do I calculate the appropriate quantity of cups to order?

We calculate volumes on the Stadium's capacity, attendance for each match/game or event, drinks sold historically as well as the frequency of events.

How should I communicate the scheme to customers?

We can provide you with examples of effective communication. Email and website information should be provided prior to scheme's introduction. Visual communciation in the ground should show customers how to use the STACK-CUP™.

Can customers donate their cups?

Charity bins are a great way to encourage customers to return the cup for washing and reuse.

Can you store the cups in the off-season?

Yes we can. We would quote you a price if this was required.

What other after sales/service do you provide?

We will provide you with a full service that includes an Account Manager to ensure you have one point of contact to fulfil your needs.