While Greener Events is a relatively young company, collectively, our team has many decades of business experience in various fields.

Despite our varied backgrounds and experience, we all share the same passion in improving the current state of our country with regards to using single use plastic cups.  We are committed to eradicating single use plastics that are choking our planet and increasing sustainability Nationally.

With years of experience, STACK-CUP™ are experts in implementing reusable, re-washable cup schemes for festivals, stadiums, festivals and events.

Amongst many options and varied products available, their signature product is the STACK-CUP™ with a globally and very clever patented handle that enables the user to carry multiple drinks in one hand, leaving one hand free to hold onto a safety rail.  Being able to carry multiple drinks in one hand also eliminates the need for plastic trays and carriers.


Greener Events not only offers purchase of sustainable products, but rental and return for deposit options as well.  With many bespoke models available, we can offer the a solution to best suit your needs.


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Brad Rawson

COO | Director

Brad has had extensive experience running his own business for 15 years and managing a family business for a further 20 years.  With his experience behind him and passion for entertainment , the circular economy, sustainability and beer, he found STACK-CUP™ to be a perfect fit.

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Stephen Rowe

National Sales Manager

Not only has Rowey had considerable experience with Business and Client Management from running his own successful business for many years, he's also accumulated decades of experience within the Football and Sporting industry.  Rowey began his journey playing Football for South Fremantle (WAFL), Norwood (SANFL) and with the Adelaide Crows (AFL).  Aside from his experience he brings to STACK-CUP™ Australia & Greener Events, he is currently hosting his very successful radio Sports Show (Rowey's Sports Show), on Adelaide's FIVEaa. He looks forward to helping change positive environmental habits. 

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Shane Rawson

CEO | Director

With a wide and diverse career in various industries, Shane has had extensive experience in Sales, Business Management and offering tailored solutions for his clients.  He prides himself on offering a professional end to end service. With a passion for beer and the environment,  he hopes he can offer a positive contribution in working towards a sustainable future.

Samantha Sykes

CFO | Client Services

Having had a comprehensive background in business management, Sam has not only successfully operated her own business with her husband, but has also had many years of experience in managing a family business with her siblings.  Sam has also assisted in a number of successful Corporate events at the Adelaide Convention Centre, demonstrating her exceptional experience in client management. 

Lorraine Rawson


As a mother of three small children, Lorraine joined forces with her husband John, to start a business built around honesty and integrity, spanning 40 years.

Now a grandmother of 7 grandchildren, Lorraine is naturally concerned about the world in which they live and would like to help to make it a better and cleaner planet for their future and others.


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